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Oo Divine Miracles oO

Oo Divine Miracles oO

Have you contemplated the heaven and earth
around you?

Have you ever looked at the clouds when it

Have you ever wondered who is directing the
wind here and there?

Have you ever thought about who could have
created these miracles and more?

Give yourself a few minutes to listen to this
audio clip….

then tell me how you felt and I would tell you its meaning

if you like …..


click here.. please

take this video as a present
and this

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Oo Paradise oO
May be you have tried all the pleasures of life…you have traveled…you have drunk… you have looked and you have listened to everything you wanted…you did
…. what you please
and yet – as it seems- you have not felt absolute happiness… you quite often passed through things that made your life miserable… and made you feel
…. frustrated and bitter
I have a key for an effective solution to your problem… How about trying it with me? Just give me a few seconds of your time…Listen to this audio clip
….and you would feel a strange feeling
If you listened to the clip and liked it, kindly send me
how you felt and I would send you a translation of its
…. meanings if you like
… My best wishes for a nice time
click here.. please

and take this flash
4 you

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Oo Heart Serenity oO

Oo Heart Serenity oO

Have you ever been alone with no one around you?

Have you ever felt the need for someone to fill your

emptiness and calm you down??

Were you then without anyone to reassure you?

Have you ever felt the need for a friend?

Do you know who my friend is at times like this?

I would let you listen to it

Listen and follow up …..




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and take this flash

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OoThe Best BookoO

OoThe BestBookoO
you have seen many clips…and heard many quotes..
and may
you have read many books..
But.. I do not think that you have ever heard anything like these words before
and may
you have never imagined it..
It is a clip from an amazing book !
It has a profound and fantastic effect !!!
You never get bored of hearing it even if you heard it
a thousand times !!!
It calms the nerves, relaxes the mind,
and gives you a strange feeling of serenity and happiness…
How about listening to it now quietly and relaxed ??
Then tell me please how you felt about it … and I will give you the translation of its meanings if you like..
click here
…..The meaning of the clip < —

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Oo Live Distinct Life oO

Oo Live Distinct Life oO


The clatter of life, people’s confusion and others’ interference are enough to disturb you, drain your strength and distract you
of the difficult times you pass through may also leave a negative
effect on us such as worry, misery and unhappiness among others
down…and listen with me to this good and enjoyable clip… How serene
it would make you feel, and how peaceful, calm and full of trust it
would make your heart… it would eliminate all
….. your worries and disillusion
sit in a quiet place where you can relax and listen to it, contemplate
its words with your mind and heart… try to understand their meanings
even if they
!were not in your own language
send me your feelings when you have listened to it and tried to guess
its meanings and what you have understood…I would then send you the
… I wish you a pleasant time
click here
The meaning of the clip:

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